Posted by: Alvin | October 20, 2008

The $5.00 Donation Challenge!

Hello Everyone!

So Ray, a good friend of mine and former boss, has issued a challenge to everyone. He’s pledged to donate $5 for each of the first 20 people to do the same! That would mean at least $200 that would help in my campaign to get elected to School Board on November 15th. The best campaigns work because of people that get directly involved, and I know that a lot of you as students or people new to the working world don’t have big chequebooks to throw around. So that’s why it’s a call for only $5.00!

Your money will go directly into things like signs, cards, staff, videos, and getting out there attending events so we can spread our message. So please, every penny counts, and you can think of your $5 donation really as a $10 donation because of Ray’s generosity. Just click on the Donate button at the top of the right hand side and then head over to Ray’s site and add a post there.

But remember, this is not the only way you can help. A campaign that runs on people also means joining me on sidewalks and at events for the next 26 days, talking to people and getting them excited! So if you can spare a few hours so that I’m not alone, please send me a message on facebook or email me with times you’re available!

Thanks so much everyone!



  1. Just paid out my first 2 matching donations!

  2. Just paid out 2 more! 🙂

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