Posted by: Alvin | November 5, 2008

Featured in the Georgia Straight

I was looking for this in the print edition of the Straight after speaking to the wonderful Pieta Woolley last Tuesday morning. It looks as though it’s only on the web edition, so here it is for people to take a look at.

The article covers the unfortunate reality that parents are being forced to pay more and more for their children’s education. Here are the quotes from the sidebar with myself, Patti Bacchus from Vision, Heather Holden from the NPA, and independant candidate Robert Stark:

Me: “There absolutely has to be a lobby component to it. The last three years, we haven’t seen the board advocating for students. There’s been less and less money and, yes, part of it is [declining] enrollment. But education spending as a percentage of the GDP has gone down every year.”

Heather Holden: “The number-one job of trustees is setting policy. Number two: managing the budget through tough internal decisions. Number three: challenging the province aggressively for our budget needs. No trustee is ever going to say, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve got enough money.’ ”

Patti Bacchus: “The role is in leadership and standing up for the community they’re elected to represent. It’s the same as when we expect the province to make our case to Ottawa, or the city to make our case to the province. The other piece is making careful, locally based decisions on how the funding is allocated.”

Robert Stark: “To cut, cut, cut. I think there’s so much waste at the school board, and everyone is just squawking about getting more money. Salaries could be cut. There’s so many wasteful expenditures. If you had an independent business managing the funds, they’d do a much better job than the school board.”

Read the whole thing here.


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