Posted by: Alvin | November 13, 2008

Georgia Straight Endorses Alvin for School Board

The Georgia Straight has come out with their “Straight Slate” picks for Mayor, Council, Parks Board, and School Board. They endorsed me, as well as almost the entire COPE/Vision slate. I have to disagree with their pick of Ken Denike who, frankly, is arrogant and ineffective. Although glad to hear about the endorsement, the fact they left out my good friend Bill Bargeman speaks more about how unions are distrusted by some and less about Bill’s amazing talents. A School Board with Bill will be better for teachers, parents, and of course, students. So please, this Saturday get out there and vote the COPE/Vision/Green slate of candidates!

From the Straight:

School boards don’t have a lot of power these days. The curriculum, school taxes, teachers’ contracts, and the major portion of the operating grant are determined at the provincial level. The B.C. Liberal government has a tendency to impose contracts on support staff. That leaves school trustees in charge of hiring senior staff, shuffling money around to deal with the fallout of provincial policies, liaising with parent advisory committees, coping with demand for English-as-a-second-language programs, and pushing for seismic upgrades to keep children safe.

In our opinion, the best suited to do this in Vancouver are COPE’s Jane Bouey, Allan Wong, Alvin Singh, and Al Blakey; Vision’s Patti Bacchus, Ken Clement (the first aboriginal candidate who might be elected in Vancouver), and Mike Lombardi; and the NPA’s Ken Denike. Incumbent Vision trustee Sharon Gregson sets a bad example for kids by promoting gun ownership. But if you want someone knowledgeable about all-day kindergarten, special-needs programs, and who can also relate to freaky and marginalized parents, you might want to save a vote for her.


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