Posted by: Alvin | November 15, 2008

Today is the Day!

So this is it everyone, election day! Yesterday I was handing out leaflets at Granville and Broadway, asking people if they were going to vote tomorrow and the first few times it felt so odd. Knowing that so much work had been done and that we were now hours away from the results.

In about 12 hours, Vancouver will have a new Mayor, Council, Parks Board, and School Board. And right now, as polls open on election day Vancouver has two choices. Voting for a Mayor that has an identical voting record as Sam Sullivan; a mayor who said in his first 30 days he would take a vacation because he saw nothing “burning” to take care of in Vancouver. Vancouver can choose to vote for a Council who sees fit to turn a blind eye to homelessness and slumlords even though they have the laws and properties to solve the problem today. Vancouver can choose a Parks board that doesn’t believe in ethical purchasing, or thought putting giant robotic dinosaurs in parks was a good move. And Vancouver can vote for a School Board that refuses to defend public education, refuses to meet with students and parents, and refuses to work in good faith with teachers, engineers, and other staff.

Or, in a few moments Vancouver can choose the other option. Voting for a Mayor that understands the environment and the creativity we can all bring to solving this city’s great challenges. A Council that leads and understands that no one in Vancouver is disposable. A Parks board that fights to protect our microecosystems across this city and makes sure our parks are protected for generations. And finally, Vancouver can vote for a School Board that is open, accountable, and puts students first.

Today, you choose. Get out there and vote, and hopefully when 8pm rolls around we will have a positive, dynamic, and just Vancouver to look forward to.


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