Posted by: Alvin | November 25, 2008

More on Electoral Reform

Today I received one of Raymond Louie’s quarterly ‘E-News’ emails. Predictably, it talks about the election results and moving forward with the hard work of homelessness and housing. Interestingly though, it ends with an under the radar mention of the defeat of Vision’s Kashmir Dhaliwal. Louie writes:

“While the outcome for myself and my party was very positive on Nov. 15, this victory was less than satisfying.

The results of the election have highlighted how, once again, candidates of South Asian-heritage from all major parties had to exert extra effort to overcome the electoral barriers that exist in our current system. In most cases, they were not successful in the election and a direct voice from this significant community will not be heard in council chambers. This is something our new council will need to put effort into solving, if we are going to truly open up city hall to all of our communities and citizens.”

Is this just lip service, or is Louie gearing up for council-level discussions surrounding electoral reform? Something to keep an eye on…


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