Posted by: Alvin | December 12, 2008

Canadian Music

6dc0828fd7a0d304c5cd3110lGrant Lawrence keeps hammering away on the CBC Radio 3 podcasts about how Canadian music has come into its own in the last few years and that the rest of the world has taken notice, even if we haven’t. Well, I’ve agreed with him for quite some time and I also agree that there is a quickly emerging d(already established?) ‘Canadian Sound’ at least when it comes to Indie-Rock/Pop.

More evidence that everyone other than Grant Lawrence gets this comes from a random find of mine. I was listening to a track called “Fake Empire” from the band The National. I was thinking to myself how ‘Canadian’ this track sounded (as well as their band name) and Googled them to find out where they hailed from. Guess what? Brooklyn! When I looked them up on though, I saw this line in their review:

“The National, however, are American. Formed in Brooklyn in 1999, the quintet hails from Cincinatti [sic] and doesn’t sound much like a New York Band (Interpol, the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.). Instead, they could be Midwestern or even Canadian in the way they combine alt-country, chamber-pop, and post-punk angst…”

Clearly ‘Canadian’ is becoming a music adjective that this nation should embrace. Anyways, a little departure from my usual writing. While my music collection is probably 60% Canadian (which is pretty high for such a small nation) I recommend that everyone check out The National.


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