Posted by: Alvin | December 18, 2008

Whopper Virgins

So I don’t like participating in marketing campaigns, but this one does a good job of blending in enough culture to be more than just an ad. Burger King has put together a video documenting their taste tests with individuals all over the world who they call ‘Whopper Virgins.”

Interestingly, they sought out people who had never even encountered a hamburger because staying within the United States for example would mean people were still exposed to hamburger advertising. They wanted to find people completely new to the idea of the hamburger. No surprise (since Burger King is running the campaign instead of shelving it) the Whopper comes out on top.

The most interesting part for me is how people decide to eat the burgers. As one person on the film explains it, we here in North America take eating burgers and burger-like things for granted because it’s part of our culture. Anyways, really facinating, check it out:


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