Posted by: Alvin | January 30, 2009

It’s Been A While

I just wanted to quickly add a little note to let people know I’m back and will be writing again soon. Things have been hectic, midterms, the winter break, and then getting back up to speed at school…it caught up! But things have settled down and I’ll be writing more regularly.

Some news:

I’m now a member of the executive for COPE (The Coalition of Progressive Electors). So you can look forward to more detailed and thought out civic reengagement and urban policy posts. (Sorry, no juicy gossip about COPE though!).

I’m on Twitter and my tweets are now being fed to the blog.

I’ve also finally plunged into the world of LinkedIn and created a profile.

Some blog ideas I’m working on:

– Reaction to the budget, both personal and from the perspective of the city of Vancouver

– Canadian foriegn policy discussion in light of the new administration down south and other global changes

– Policy ideas about creative spaces in the city and developing the creative social community through innovative urban civic policy

Write to you soon!


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