Posted by: Alvin | January 23, 2010

Vancouver Prorogation Rally

Today was the national coordinated day of protest against Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament. According to estimates there were over 25,000 Canadians that took part in the protests and about 2,000 in Vancouver alone. While I won’t get into a lot of detail or analysis tonight, one very significant take away is already apparent. That facebook can (and did) represent a serious and potent class of public opinion – something that should give pause to politicians and pundits alike who dismissed the facebook group out of turn.

On the contrary, a study from the Rideau Institute indicated earlier this week that those in the 200,000+ strong group are older, engaged politically and – most importantly – voters. I think Michael Geist summed it up best when he wrote that no one can continue to doubt “the importance and effectiveness of digital advocacy.”

So with that said, below you will find my collection of photos from the Vancouver rally which was centred at Victory Square after marching through downtown from the Vancouver Art Gallery. There is also my video of the closing speech from the fiery George Heyman, Executive Director of Sierra Club BC.

I should also quickly thank all the people who have asked me to keep writing here. It’s really quite amazing to get asked “why have you stopped?” or “when’s the next post?” so often because it means people really do read this stuff and look forward to it. So thanks for the gentle nudge!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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